February Review.


I’ve never done one of these posts before, but as I set goals for the month, I thought it would be good to write up my achievements and things I need to work on. Searching for work meant that I needed to keep myself busy and not fall into a pit of despair. Which I managed to do – just about! Luckily, last week I was offered a part time marketing and social media job which will be fantastic as it’s very flexible and that means I can work some days at home which is perfect with Hendricks!

At the beginning of this month I knew it was important to set myself targets as being off work means you can fall into a trap of feeling depressed and lonely because you haven’t got anything going on in your life and you end up just sitting around waiting for your partner to come home.

I think sometimes you can overreach or be too optimistic about what you can get done. And that was the case for me. Obviously not having a job caused a lot of financial strain and made me feel extremely anxious. And it made me feel tired so it was difficult to focus at times. I think this month I will only be setting myself maybe three or four targets.

The ones I definitely didn’t do last month were; practising mindfulness – I don’t know why. I just never felt in a good place to do it and think of positive things about my life. When you don’t have a job, it’s demoralising and you worry so much about what people think of you and how on earth you’re going to pay rent, pay for food, still have a social life. But now we have Hendricks and I have a job, I feel a lot more positive about myself. I also didn’t complete my goal of getting two or three freelance commissions. But it wasn’t through not trying. I just didn’t get lucky – which was very disheartening and it was difficult to keep applying for things and trying.

On to a more positive note though. I did keep going to the gym and changed my diet slightly which meant I lost 8 pounds. I was really happy with that and I could really feel the difference in my clothes, I’m looking forward to going clothes shopping when I’ve (hopefully) lost a bit more weight as all my jeans are too baggy now. Which I couldn’t see happening at the beginning of the year.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am slightly obsessed with Hendricks. He’s the best thing ever! He’s so well behaved and is such a content little puppy. He’s very sociable and everyone has fallen in love with him. Having a puppy is the best thing ever as he’s so loving and seeing his little face light up when you go into a room truly melts your heart! It’s almost impossible to be sad when you get to have dog cuddles all the time!

Cockapoo puppy.
My gorgeous boy, Hendricks.

I have carried on reading plenty and have more in store for March. I am so excited to get paid – one of the first things I’m going to do is to stock up on some books. My amazon basket is getting full with ones I want to read next.

My instagram has grown immensely but that was with me working on it constantly and putting a lot of effort in with it. I’m really hoping by the end of March I will be over 1000 followers. That will feel like a huge milestone if I meet that. The community of Twitter is amazing and I’m very grateful for it as my stats have improved so much. I’ve had better views on my blog too so I know I want to keep increasing that over the next month.

I’m not going to give myself too much to do next month as I start my job properly tomorrow and just need to adjust a bit to life with Hendricks and learning a new role.

Tom is always there for me and keeps me going, looking at the positives.

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts

  1. Hey, Hendricks is adorable 💕 I love puppies they do really help cheer us up. I know what you mean about not having a job it’s horrible and the constant worrying about money all the time is awful.I’m currently searching for a job now my son is at school and I can’t wait to start earning my own money again. Good luck I’m sure you will be amazing. ♥


  2. Well done on all the positive things you’ve achieved this month! I definitely agree sometimes if we set goals that are unachievable it can make you feel terrible when you don’t reach them! Smaller goals are the way forward :)Jess xxx


  3. So lovely to meet Hendricks (great name!) and you! I’ve been doing mindfulness a few months now and it’s having a very positive impact every day, I use the Calm app now and it’s a little bit of self care every day.


      1. Yes! One of my all-time favourite books is on there (The Velveteen Rabbit) so I love that they have that feature


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