Bringing Hendricks Home.


I feel like I’ve been waiting for Hendricks to come forever! We first went to see him on the 2nd of January when he was only 8 days old. When we first saw the pictures of the puppies, I had already picked the one I wanted from the photo, so I just had to hope he would be a boy and not a girl. Luckily for us, he was. We got to go and see him once a week and it was so nice to be able to do that. It was also a form of torture. Having to leave him after only 20 minutes or so was the worst thing because it was the best part of the week. But, on Sunday, we brought him to his forever home and it’s been amazing so far.

As I type this, Hendricks is asleep on my feet and I keep getting distracted by just staring him. He’s so bloody gorgeous! He definitely has Tom and I wrapped around his little paws. Before we picked him up, I felt very excited but also nervous. What if he wasn’t happy with us? What if we messed it up? What if he chewed the whole house up and we couldn’t control him?

I definitely didn’t need to worry about any of that. He has been a dream. He’s so perfect and we love him so much already! He’s such a gorgeous dog and is very comfortable with us already. I imagine new parents feel like this when their baby is born. We have managed to get him into a good routine already. We started toilet training him the minute we got him home and we have only had around 5 accidents indoors so we’re very pleased about that, and also surprised! I think we both thought we were going to be picking up poo every 5 minutes and needing the carpet to be replaced because he would have done so many wee’s on it! He’s been so good at going every time we take him outside.

Hendricks gets his first injection tomorrow and I am dreading it so much. I’ve already told Tom he will have to be the one to take him in because I can’t cope with seeing him upset. On his first night, he got himself into a bit of a state and was really crying. So we put his bed on the landing and he settled quite quickly then. We both love him too much to let him be upset! I can’t wait to be able to take him for a walk. I think that has been the most difficult thing so far as he bloody loves playing outside. Our cottage is right by the sea so I know he will adore jumping through the marshes and going into the sea. Tom is an oysterman so he will be going out on the boat with him too when he’s a bit bigger. There’s not really much of a point to this post, I think I just wanted to document his first couple of days and realise that we are so lucky to have such a gorgeous boy who loves being with us already!

Cockapoo puppy.

Hendricks, cockapoo puppy.

cockapoo puppy.

24 thoughts

  1. Such an adorable dog! I love dogs and definitely relate to the love you have for yours! Dang.. you made me want to get another dog! Hege


  2. Ah this is such a heartwarming post! He’s so adorable! 😍 I lost my dog last year and I will always, always remember that first day he came home when I first saw him. I’m glad to hear that Hendricks is settling in well and toilet training is going well. Congratulations! XShannen |


  3. This post is too adorable for words! Thank you so much for brightening my week with the photographs of Hendricks and so glad you finally got to bring him home 🙂


  4. He is freakin adorable! I can relate. When we brought our boxer home the first night he cried all night. I think he missed his mom 😦 But from the first time I saw him I was in love. Enjoy your time together!!!


  5. Aw he’s gorgeous! He actually looks a lot like my dog – she’s a 10 year old spaniel called Skye! Xx


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