New Year Goals.

We’re over halfway through January, and for once, it’s actually going quite quickly. I still hate it though, always have, always will. It is always rubbish weather, cold and miserable. Everyone is skint after Christmas and no one wants to go out. I always feel extremely demotivated in January and struggle to get going again after the festive period. That’s part of the reason why I have only written one blog post so far this year!

I have got lots of plans for this year and for my blog! Last year, I grew it immensely and blogged regularly, which is something I want to continue this year and go beyond that. I’m already failing in one of my goals which was to blog at least twice a week! I just haven’t felt like writing anything. But I really want to finish the first month of the year on a positive note.

I don’t really call my goals resolutions as goals are something to reach for and you can get closer to them step by step, rather than completely changing something in your life that seems too big a step. I always have things throughout the year that I want to change about my life or habits etc, but starting a new year, it’s always nice to try and put those things into place early.

One of the things I want to work towards is my health – both mental and physical. The last year or so I have turned to food for comfort when I feel anxious or a bit low which has been the worst thing to do as most people know. In November, I joined the gym to get in a routine before Christmas as I know that benefits both. And as much as I hate going to the gym (I’ve never liked exercising), I do feel better after going and know that I’m doing good things for my body and mind. I try not to put pressure on myself to go though – last year I lost about a stone after Christmas, but I did that through pretty much starving myself and I was so miserable and constantly felt hungry. It was the worst way to try and lose weight. This year, I’m not weighing myself, I’m going by how my clothes feel, and how I feel in general. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rubbish cycle whereby you obsess over every single thing you eat. As I make most of my meals from scratch, I know what I’m eating anyway and I’ve just tried to cut out things that I know are bad for me, like drinking too much and eating processed food/ takeaways.

Another thing I aim to do this year is build up my online presence. Last year, I was really pleased and proud at the work I did with my blog and how often I posted on it – it’s such a good way to do something creative, particularly when it means posting a new recipe as I get to cook the meal as well. I want to engage with other bloggers more on other platforms beside WordPress as it’s always good to learn from others. In connection with my blog, I also want to improve on my photography. Now I’m 30 I often think of things I wish I had done when I was younger. When I went to college, why didn’t I study history or photography? They’re the things I find incredibly interesting now and things that I could use professionally and personally. I envy photographers – they have such a skill and can make things look incredible.

The last thing I want to do for myself is to learn a new skill. And that one this year is how to do calligraphy and create a bullet journal. I have such envy for those who are organised enough to fill one out everyday and make it look so pretty! I want to create one that’s similar to a scrapbook and it will be something great to look back on at the end of the year. 

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  1. Aren’t puppies just the best! I’ve given up ever even attempting bullet journal, I have zero artistic talent!Holly |


    1. I’m so excited to get him home 🐶🐶 haha I have a Pinterest board full of ideas so will see how I get on! Thanks for reading x


  2. I like your health goals. Staying OFF the scale is a ‘healthy’ idea. It’s not what you weigh, but how you feel and how your clothes fit. The rest takes care of itself. Try switching to more complex carbs and see if that counteracts weight gain and feeling better. Always works for me.


    1. Thanks for the tip 🤗


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