New season, new changes.


We’re now officially into Autumn and in some ways it is my favourite season of the year. There’s always something good on TV, fashion is great, you can eat comfort food and spend Sundays inside, curled up on the sofa watching Netflix without feeling guilty that you should be out enjoying the sunshine! It also means Christmas is fast approaching (screams excitedly internally). I just wanted to write this blog post as a reminder of things I want to achieve over the next couple of months and also because it’s the start of something new and exciting for me.

Throughout August, I really started to think about my future. Well, to be fair, I think about it quite often anyway. I graduated from the University of Essex in July with a Master of the Arts degree in Creative Writing. When I first embarked on the MA, I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted to do at the end of it, I just knew what I didn’t want to do! It’s so difficult now to forge a career in something you’re passionate about as there’s always a hundred other people vying to do the same job, and you lose out to someone who has marginally more experience, no matter how well you come across in an interview, or previous life experience you may have. It is deeply frustrating and demotivating. It’s easy to understand why some people just ‘settle’ and stay at the same job for years – in some ways, it’s far less demoralising. After graduating though, certain milestones were approaching and panic set in.

It wasn’t like a midlife crisis panic, more of a if I don’t do it now, I never will panic. One of the things I’m most passionate about in my life is food and blogging. I don’t know what it is about writing on here, but I find it makes me feel productive and that I’m not letting my degree go to a complete waste. I also turned 30 in late August and I found that prospect truly terrifying.

One of the things that doesn’t bother me too much is taking a drop in pay. Money doesn’t necessarily motivate me (don’t get me wrong, I would love someone to pay me a six figure salary), but enjoyment and fulfilment from my job does. I find there’s nothing worse than dreading going into work. It just crushes you down until you can’t do it anymore – every day just becomes such a chore. It is something I don’t believe anyone should have to do – everyone should be able to strive and attempt to make their dreams a reality. But the only person who can change that, is you.

I realise this sounds like a huge cliche. And probably pretentious. But it’s true. The only person who can truly change your life, is yourself. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, hate your job and resent the cards you have seemingly been dealt, but without pushing boundaries, it will never change. The world will just carry on spinning as normal.

So where’s this going? I’m not even sure I know myself. I applied for some graduate internships through the University for some marketing jobs, not really expecting to get anything out of them as I have degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing, but the one thing I knew I had going for me is my blog. My blog is something I am proud of, I’ve invested a huge amount of time into setting it up and creating content for it – some nights I couldn’t think of much worse than coming home, cooking dinner, taking pictures of it, then writing up a recipe. But I love doing it. And that’s why I muster up the motivation to do it. Hoping that one day it will pay off and I can do it for a living.

Well I definitely got a stroke of luck. A couple of weeks ago I was offered a job to be a PR and Marketing assistant. I am thrilled to have got it as it is right up my street. It’s going to give me invaluable experience to then hopefully forge a career in something I love doing. I love having challenges and learning new things so knowing that I’m going to have a job that will push me and encourage me to carry on doing these things out of work is just perfect for me.

Being offered the job has been such a good boost for me. I have zero self esteem and low self worth, so knowing that I someone chose me out of 17 other candidates is something I’m proud of, particularly as it is down to things I have done for myself, not because of previous job experience or because of a first class degree. It has really upped my motivation for blogging more regularly and continuing to cook new food and experiment with flavours.

Over the next few weeks, I have quite a few ideas of what I want to make and blog about. I’m going to look at changing the theme of my blog as I’ve had my current one for roughly a year now, and let’s face it, change is great.

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