Looking for recommendations.

Myself and my boyfriend have decided to start our own small business. We are going to be doing private dining, along with some masterclasses in cocktail making, cooking seafood correctly and oysters. I have had a logo designed, set up an email and the only thing left is to sort a website out. This is where I need help. I need a good recommendation to build a website. I obviously use WordPress for this blog and tried sorting a website outΒ  but I wasn’t a big fan of the layout and to navigate myself around building it, so I deleted that and want to start again. I don’t mind experimenting with different sites but I don’t want to spend ages wasting my time to be honest!

Our concept is something that will give our customers an experience that is unique to them and that their guests will find impressive and special. We are going to aim to create menus that will show off our own skills and knowledge within the industry. We are arranging for a local photographer to take professional pictures of some new dishes we are creating and I love experimenting with classical dishes and using new flavours.

So, if anyone has had any experience with building a website for a business, please let me know which one!

A sample of dishes we have cooked.

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