Confessions of a stationary addict.

I’m positive in thinking that will be the most embarrassing title I’m ever likely to write. But I feel like it’s true and I am truly addicted to buying pretty, matching stationary. I often see meme’s about buying all sorts of items such as highlighters, list pads and notebooks – anything that gives one the illusion that their life is organised and holding together due to such things. But, in mine and many other cases, I feel this is true. I am extremely neurotic and uptight, I like things in a certain way and feel uncomfortable when this is not the case. I didn’t realise how insane I am until the day after my birthday.Last week I submitted my last ever piece of academic coursework. This time last year, I was about to embark on a Master’s degree in Creative Writing with the view of (hopefully) becoming a writer in the food and/or sport industry. With this in mind, it called for new stationary for the academic year from my favourite shop on the planet – Paperchase. Now, I know this makes me sound like the biggest saddo on the planet, and I would have to agree with you, but there is just something about starting a new project, with a new notebook and nice pens. It honestly baffles me that people just use ‘any old thing’ to write with. Imagine my horror when someone turned up to one class with no paper or a pen. I think it took me the rest of the term to get over that sight!So, rewind back to Saturday. A few blogging/ writing ideas pop into my mind and like any other ‘writer’ I feel the need to write them down before they disappear. However, here the problem lies. The only notebook I had with me was the beautiful one I used for my dissertation and was full of notes about the memoir I had written. So the idea of writing in that about something that was not memoir related, was alien and wrong! It genuinely stressed me out and I realised at that moment what a weird person I truly am! I immediately began searching online for a new, wonderful notebook to be delivered the next day, but the ones on Amazon just did not cut the mustard. Cue a journey to town the next day. Long story short, I walked out with an amazing new notebook and a journal to channel my inner addict. I reasoned with myself that it could be worse – I could be addicted to heroin or vodka. And with this addiction, I get a £5.00 treat every so (2)Now, I realise I sound insane, but it’s important to be organised in life and have things in a certain order, if not, I would never be able to find snippets of information I often write down. Plus, I’m sure there are people with stranger addictions out there! 

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