grandad-uniformToday is the 13th anniversary and birthday of my Grandad – I wouldn’t usually write anything on social media about something like this as I don’t really agree with it – however, this year I have decided to write my dissertation about his experience being a POW in the Far East during World War II. This week I have done a lot of research regarding POW camps in the Far East and what they would have experienced. Obviously some camps were very different to the more ‘well-known’ ones of the Burma-Thailand railway; these ones were torturous, brutal and inhumane. I have discovered that my Grandad was in one in Java, which luckily meant he didn’t have to work on the railway but I’m sure the experience was horrific and left some mental scars.scan0011After looking at the pictures and information I have found I felt nostalgic but also upset. Upset because when he was here I didn’t ask enough questions. There are so many things I  grandad-full-picture-copynever got to say, ask and there are so many things I will never find out. After 13 years, the pain of losing my Grandad feels fresher than ever and I really want to make this project successful and heartfelt. I’m not going to say too much now on what I plan to write and the information I have found out so far, but all I can say is thank you for the recommendations for what I should read or watch and if you have anymore keep them coming!Happy Birthday Grandad ♥ xxxxxnana-and-grandad-copyscan0012            

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