To Make up or not to Make up? That is the question…

The world has become a vanity obsessed society whereby we live by unwritten and disguised rules and spend half of our time worrying about the way we look and what others think of us. Social media is one of the driving forces behind this and there are hundreds of pages and websites dedicated to showing us how to create certain looks and which products to use. But where does it end?

This has now become an everyday look for some women – taking over an hour to create!

Instagram now has created a vain and “like for likes” culture whereby people will dress themselves up, change lighting in rooms and spend hours on make up just for a like. This week, many people (particularly young and females) have spoken out about social media has ‘ruined their life’ as they spend too much time obsessing over their looks rather on their normal everyday life. What would happen if everyone woke up tomorrow happy with the way they looked and didn’t want to use any make up, hair products or appliances? The whole world would go into meltdown. Millions would be without a job or career and what sort of effect would it have on the economy?


My boyfriend and I regularly laugh about people wasting £20 or more just on a MAC lipstick and how some girls will spend more than an hour contouring their face. But are we the ones who should be laughed at? The estimated worth of the beauty industry in the UK alone is a massive £17 million annually and there are around 1 million employees within this. A woman is estimated to spend £1000 a year on beauty products and grooming. However this industry has created a culture whereby we judge and feel judged. It’s almost like legitimising bullying online if someone’s eyeliner wing isn’t quite right, or if their eyebrows are not “on point”.


This is a phrase most girls will be familiar with and there is such a huge amount of pressure not only to look good, but to conform to so many beauty rules. But who created these ‘unwritten’ rules and decided we had to adhere to them? Some women can spend any time between twenty minutes and two hours to get ready in the morning, sometimes just to do nothing with their day but go grocery shopping. Who are we performing this charade for? A lot of the time your other half probably won’t notice the difference, and even if they do they will probably question why you have put that much effort in. When other people notice they will probably bitch about it behind your back anyway and insinuate you are trying to impress someone, when, most of the time it is purely for themselves and they are trying something new, purely to give themselves a bit of a boost and some self-confidence.

It is constantly a lose-lose situation and it is so frustrating. Who decided that putting different make up on or extra make up meant you were doing it for someone else’s benefit or to impress someone? This world is obsessed with looks, money and power, yet no matter what we do, we are constantly scrutinised for looking too good or bad, being too rich or poor and using the power we have, or not using any at all. Is this really the way we want it to be? Where is it going to stop?

Where to start? There are millions of products available to us – all taking away our individuality.



3 thoughts on “To Make up or not to Make up? That is the question…

  1. Hello Gemma,
    I love your website and your blogs have taught me many things and I also bet you are just as amazing at teaching at your school as you are on the internet! Keep up the good work!!! I think your post about wearing too much make up is very true and I totally agree with you on the fact that it is stupid that so many young girls wate 1000’s on mac lipsticks and other make up is really bad.
    Love from Melissa Brown. p.s I find your blog really inspiring and it cheers me up when I’m unhappy


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